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Our jokes are sorted not only by categories, but also by their length and how clean or dirty they are. Here are some quick descriptions of what this means as well as links to samples of each.

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Clean Ratings -  You can choose from clean to completely twisted.

Clean Jokes -  Clean jokes are just that - clean. You should not find any swear words or adult concepts.

Adult Jokes -  Adult jokes have adult concepts, implied sexuality or adult situations. You should not find any swear words though.

Adult ID Required Jokes -  Adult ID Required jokes are generally fairly blatant when it comes to adult concepts, situations, sexuality and swear words. These are largely sex jokes and dirty jokes.

Got to be Nuts Jokes -  If you are looking for truly twisted or gross jokes, these are for you. Some people might consider these truly over the top with no holds barred.

Length Ratings - Are a little subjective, but if you look at the samples, you'll quickly get the idea.

Super Short Jokes -  Mostly one liners and quick riddles.

Short Jokes -  If a short joke takes you more than 30 seconds to read, you may want to look into a speed reading course. The also don't take up too much room on a page.

Medium Jokes - Medium length jokes are quick reads for a good laugh and still don't take up a lot of page space.

Long Jokes -  Long jokes may take a minute or so to read, but they're worth the wait! With long jokes, you want to start considering a page with the joke as the central focus.

Get Some Coffee Jokes -  Once you get past ‘Long Jokes’, some of them can get pretty long, so get a cup of coffee and settle in for some laughs. Because of the length of these jokes, you really need a page with the joke as a central focus.

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