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Free Jokes for Webmasters

Looking to put some free jokes on your web site? We have three options for you that are all a snap to use:
  1. First, you can totally customize what jokes you want for any page. With one of these codes, the joke updates every time your page reloads. All you have to do is make a few simple choices. For this option, just keep reading this page or click here for a fast start.

  2. Second, you can totally customize a Joke of the Day for your site. Your custom joke of the day will last for 24 hours at a time and be updated automatically for you from our monster database of jokes. You won't get the same joke two days in a row. Just click here for a fast start to your custom joke of the day option.

  3. Finally, you can have a joke of the day from any of our categories. These jokes update once a night so every 24 hours, you have a different joke. Just copy and past one of the codes from our Webmaster Joke of the Day page into one of your pages and you're done. No need to make any choices other than what joke category you want.

We have already served 16,264,174 jokes to 435 web sites. Ever wanted to have jokes on your web site without the headache of maintaining them? Well, you've come to the right place. You can easily get jokes from our ever growing database to use on your site. It really is easy to do. All you need to think about are what kinds of jokes you want to use.

We maintain many categories and sub-categories of jokes. We also rate each joke on how clean or dirty it is as well as how long it is. When you combine these options, if you want to, you can get fairly specific on the type of joke you're looking to use on your site. You can also pull a totally random joke just as easily.

All of our jokes are stored in our database as formatted HTML, so they can easily be put into any page as a simple JavaScript tag. We'll give you the complete code to do either so you can just copy and paste. The reason we do it this way is so when you use one of our jokes, the CSS or other page formatting from your site will still be controlling the look of the page.

If you are ready to find out more, just pick your option.
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