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Ever tried to have a Joke of the Day on your website but ran into the headaches of updating it every day or trying to maintain a joke database to have fresh jokes all the time? Well, we know what a problem that can be for many people and you've come to the right place to lose those problems. You can tap into the thousands of jokes in our database with a simple code to put our jokes on your site.

Any webmaster can use a Joke of the Day just by copying one of the codes below onto a webpage. Just leave the link back to our site intact. It's fair, you get free jokes and we get a link from your site. Feel free to change the appearance to match your site. Our jokes are stored in HTML format so your page formatting will be in charge.

These Joke of the Day codes link to our specific categories of jokes and update each night around 1:30 AM EST. Jokes are picked at random from our database from each category. Your sites Joke of the Day will display the same joke for 24 hours at a time.

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