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Frosty the Snow Queen

(To the tune of "Frosty the Snowman")

Frosty the snow queen
Had a rotten Christmas Day,
While the children played with their sweet charade
He was anything but Gay.

Frosty the Snow Queen
Thought the kids had made a mess.
He deplored the pipe and the old top hat,
He preferred to wear a dress.

They made him sled, they made him skate
They had a snowball fight.
And when they put him on some skis
How it made his snowballs tight (ouch!)

He hated Christmas,
Not a hoot like Hallowe'en.
Without sequined gowns and bejewelled crowns
He's a frigid closet queen.

All season long dear Frosty pined
And lonliness he felt
Until he spied a handsome hunk
And his heart began to melt!

They moved to the North Pole
Where their lives are cool and free.
And together during six-month nights
They're as happy as can be!

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