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Dirty Joke of the Day

An owner of a dildo store needed to make his daily deposit at the bank, but didn't want to leave his store unattended, so he called a friend to watch his store.

"I'll be back as soon as I can" said the store owner. "All you need to know is that the white dildos are ten dollars and the black ones are twenty."

After the owner leaves a lady walks in. "I'm looking for a dildo" she says. The man at the counter tells her that the white ones are ten dollars and the black are twenty. She chooses the white one and leaves with her purchase. After she leaves another woman walks in, tells the man that she needs a dildo. He tells her that the white ones are ten and the black ones are twenty. She buys a black dildo and leaves the store.

Five minutes later another woman enters the store and tells the man what shes looking for. "The white ones are ten and the black are twenty" he says. "None of those dildos are what I'm looking for, how about that plaid one over there? I'll give you fifty dollars for it." she says.

"Listen lady I told you the prices. If thats the one you want you'll have to wait till the owner comes back".

"But thats the one I want," she says. "I'll give you seventy five dollars for it!" This time the man says 'deal' and takes her money.

Eventually the owner comes back and asks how was business. "Great" says his friend. "I sold one dildo for ten dollars, one dildo for twenty dollars and I sold my thermos for seventy five!"

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