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30 Random Yo Mama Jokes

30 Random Yo Mama Jokes
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yo mama so nasty she went to the fish market to sell her crabs

Yo' momma's so stupid, she took you to the airport the sign said, 'Airport left,' so she turned around and went home!

Yo' momma's so fat, she can't stay on a basketball court for three seconds without getting called for a key violation!

Yo' momma's so ugly, her face is like the south end of a north-bound camel!

Yo' momma's so wrinkled, you can find loose change in her skin!

Yo' momma's so stupid, when yo' daddy said it was chilly outside, she ran outside with a spoon!

Yo' momma's so nasty, a fly won't even land on her!

Yo' momma's mouth is so big, she uses redwoods to pick her teeth!

Yo' momma's so fat, the sign outside one restaurant says 'Maximum occupancy, 512, or YO' MOMMA!'

Yo' mama so stupid, she heard it was chilly out, and got a spoon!

Yo' momma's house is so poor, they tore it down and put up a slum!

Yo' momma's so ugly, cockroaches go like this: "HI, MOM!"

Yo' momma's so fat, she plays pool with the planets!

Yo' momma's so stupid, she thinks fruit punch is a gay boxer!

Yo' momma's so stupid, when you were born, she looked at the umbilical cord and said, "Whoa! This thing comes with cable!"

Yo' momma's lips are so big, ChapStick had to invent a spray!

Yo' momma's so toothless, when she couldn't eat an apple, she just gummed it to death!

yo' mamma's so poor that when i stepped on a cricket she said "who turned off the radio?"

Yo' momma's so fat, the shadow of her *ss weighs 50 pounds!

Yo' momma's so fat, when she last went to church, nobody would leave until she sang!

Yo' momma's so ugly, when she gets up, the sun goes down!

Yo' momma's so poor, when yo' family watches TV, they go to Sears!

Yo' momma's so fat and black, when she goes skydiving, she turns day into night!

Yo' momma's so poor, when I asked what was for dinner, she pulled her shoelaces off and said "Spaghetti!"

Yo' momma's so ugly, she's like 7-UP...never had it, never will!

yo momas breath is so smelly when she talks shit she really talkn shit

Yo' momma's so fat, she jumped in the ocean, and the whales started singing, "We are family!"

Yo' momma's so nasty, she threw a boomerang and it wouldn't even come back!

yo momma like a hardware store, 5 cents a screw

Yo' momma's so hairy, she's got afros on her breasts!

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