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Top 10 things not to tell your girlfriend:

10: Wow, you're pretty loose!

9: The drunker I get, the prettier you are!

8: You fuck just like your mom!

7: When are you going to start wearing makeup? What? You're that ugly while you're wearing makeup?

6: The last girlfriend had Herpes. You might want to get checked out.

5: Unless you tell me your bank account number, I'm going to dry hump you in the ass bitch!

4: Wow! Your sister is hot!

3: I have this fetish, where I tie you up and Minnie Driver fucks your ass with a goldfish...

2: I hope you're as understanding as my wife...

1: Wow, you definately are a double bagger! What's that? Well, I have to wear a paper bag too, incase yours falls off.

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