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Dirty Little Johnny was in grammar class. The teacher was playing a word association game. She'd give a student a letter of the alphabet, and the student should give the teacher a word starting with that letter. She could not give Little Johnny "A", because he's say "Asshole". She couldn't give him "B", he'd say "Bitch". "C", he'd say "Cunt", and so on.

The class began to notice Little Johnny by the absence of his being given a letter. Finally, the teacher arrived at the letter "R". She couldn't think of anything dirty that starts with "R", so she gave Little Johnny "R".

The teacher winced as Little Johnny thought, and then after a pause, said "Rats". Rats. The teacher thought that's not bad for Little Johnny, and thanked him.

Dirty Little Johnny nodded, motioned with his hands a few inches apart, and then said "Rats. Yeah. Rats. BIG FUCKERS with COCKS this long"!

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