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A guy enters a bar and he finds a friend of his. So he sits down with his friend and tells him, "Friend, I got a dilemma."

The friend asks him, "What's the problem?"

He says, "Well, I went on my honeymoon and I was excited because I would make love to her for the first time."

And the friend asks, "So what is the problem?"

"Let me finish," says the friend. "When the time came, my wife took out her orthopedic leg, and put it in the closet. Then she took out her arm, and put it in the closet. Then she took out her eye, and finally took off her hair and put them both in the closet."

"Wow," says his friend, "and what seems to be the dilemma?"

"Well," says the guy, "I don't know if I should make love to her on the bed or the closet."

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