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A midget goes to a whorehouse. None of the girls really want to go to bed with him, so they finally draw lots and Mishell was the unlucky one who had to go upstairs to the bedroom with the midget.

A minute later, there was a loud scream. The madam and all the girls charged up the stairs and into the midget's bedroom. Mishell laid on the floor in a fainted swoon. Standing next to the bed was the midget, naked, with a three foot erect cock hanging down and almost touching the floor.

The girls were baffled and awestruck by the sight. One of them finally regained her composure and asked him, "Say, would you mind if we felt that big piece you're carrying? We've never seen anything like that before."

"Okay, honey," sighed the midget, "But touch ONLY. Absolutely no sucking. I used to be six feet tall."

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