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The aussie tourist was video taping his visit to the Vatican when he spied a white robed figure in the distance. Zooming in he realized it was the Pope, with his cassock thrown over his head and his hand on his dick.

The Pope looked up just then and saw him, so walked over casually and said, "What's that on your shoulder?"

The tourist says proudly, "This is my new video camera I just bought duty free."

Pope says, "MMMMMM interesting. Tell you what, I'll give you $20,000 for that camera."

Aussie thinks that's great and walks away with his money.

Now Pope starts walking about videoing everything when one of the Cardinals walks up and asks what the Pope is doing.

Pope tells him he has just bought this video from a tourist.

Interested, the Cardinal says Yeah, How much?

Pope says $20,000.

Cardinal, amazed says laughingly, "Boy he must have seen you coming"

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