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Offensive Religious Jokes

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A man is standing at the urinal in a public toilet when another man stands in the next urinal. The man looks over at the new arrival, stares him up and down. "Hey, what the hell are you looking at?" says the second man.

The first man quickly answers "No No it's not what you think....I....I...couldn't help but notice that you've been circumcised"

"Yeah" says the second man "I'm Jewish, I was circumcised at birth"

"I guessed" says the first "I know the surgeon who did the procedure"

"Oh come on" says the second man "it was thirty years ago!!"

"It was Dr. Abraham Winklehock! No doubt about it!!" says the first man.

"You're right" says the second, "How did you know that??" he asked, amazed.

"Bastard never could cut straight" says the first man "You're pissing on my shoes"

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