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A man enters an adult shop for the very first time on his way home from work one afternoon. He sheepishly flicks through a couple of dirty magazines, looks at the chains, leathers and rubber dolls hanging from the ceiling and casually checks out the items on display in the counter.

Suddenly, he's greeted by a "Good afternoon sir and how can I help you."

The man points at this huge item in the counter and asks what it is. The salesman replies "That's the latest technology sir, a vibrating vagina."

"How much is it?" the man asks.

"$150" the salesman replies.

And with that, the man pulls out his wallet, pays the salesman the money and leaves with his vibrating vagina. When he arrives home, his wife is in the kitchen cooking their evening meal. The man walks in, places the box on the kitchen table, pulls the vibrating vagina out of the box and places it on the table.

His wife looks at it curiously and says "Well, what's that then?"

"It's the latest technology, a vibrating vagina." the man replies.

"Well, what do you want me to do with?" his wife asks.


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