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Morry and his wife Eva have done very well for themselves. They are Orthodox Jews. They run a chain of clothing stores. Morry and Eva have 2 beautiful children, Sammy 12 and Anna 16.

Morry and Eva purchased a Lamborghini sports car for Anna's 16th birthday. Morry gave Eva the keys and told her to have their Rabbi say a brucha over the car before she is permitted to drive it.

Eva goes to their Rabbi and asks him to say a brucha over the Lamborghini. The Rabbi informs her he can't because he doesn't know what a Lamborghini is. Eva, frustrated, goes to a Conservative Rabbi and gets the same response.

Eva, still frustrated but hopeful goes to a Reform Rabbi and requests a brucha over the Lamborghini. He informs her that he is unable to help because he doesn't know what a brucha is.

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