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One day Jesus was doing the rounds in heaven and decided that this time he would walk around the boundaries of heaven just to see what was going on.

Eventually he came to a big wire fence which surrounded heaven and was very surprised to see an old man on the other side.

"Hello" smiled Jesus, "are you lost or something?"

"I'm not lost," said the old man, "I am looking for my son."

"Perhaps I can help you," said Jesus helpfully, "tell me about him."

"Well, I am a carpenter by trade and my son was born in a stable a long time ago ," started the old man.

Jesus eyes looked up in excitement. Surely this could not be. "What other things can you tell me about him old man?"

"My son is easily recognised as he has a hole in each of his hands and each of his feet."

"Daddy, is that... really you?" sobbed Jesus, tears welling up and a lump forming in his throat.


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