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Husband and Wife Jokes

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This woman comes home to visit her mother. The mother can see that there’s something on the girl’s mind.

"what is it dear? asks the old lady.

"A billionaire has asked me to marry him" replies the girl.

"But that’s wonderful news, any girl would be over the moon!" exclaims the mother.

"Yes but the only problem is, that this guy will only have sex anally - I don’t know what to do?"

"I see" says the mother, "that’s different, you must make up your own mind."

Eventually, the girl does decide to marry the billionaire and a year later she’s standing again in her mother’s kitchen. Although the kitchen is in a much bigger house and both women are draped in the finest clothes and jewels.

"what is it dear?" asks the old lady.

"I’ve decided to divorce my husband" says the girl.

"Whatever for?" asks the old lady in astonishment.

"It’s the sex. Put it this way, when I married him my asshole was the size of a penny, now it’s the size of a silver dollar!"

"I can’t beleive what I’m hearing!" exclaims the mother "Your husband has bought you six houses, two boats and all the clothes you’d ever want - and now you want to quibble over 99 cents!"

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