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A Hillbilly went to a bar. He took a seat next to a gorgeous woman. Looking at her closer, he decided he'd like to get to know her, so he moved his barstool closer.

She looked at him, and said "You're wasting your time. I'm a Lesbian."

The Hillbilly asked "What's a Lesbian?"

The Lesbian said "You see that bargirl over there? If I had her at my place, I'd remove all her clothes." The Lesbian proceeded to tell the Hillbilly exactly what she'd do, with what part of her body, for how long, to the bargirl.

The Hillbilly sat stunned for a minute, and moved his stool back where it was. In a minute, the Lesbian looked at him. He had big Crocodile tears flowing down his cheeks.

She said "What's the matter with you?"

He said "I think I'm a Lesbian too!"

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