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Three couples are are at the local horse races and the men are wondering what number horse to bet on. While thinking about what to do, one man suggests that they all go to the restroom and measure the size of their dicks, add the sizes together, and that would be the number of the horse they would bet on.

Deciding that this was an innovative idea, they went off to the men's restroom. Inside, the first man says "Mine is 6 inches", the second man says "Mine is 4 inches, so that totals 10", and the third guy says "Mine is 2 inches, so that brings the total to 12".

So they exit the restroom and put all their money on horse number 12. Sure enough, horse number 12 strides in front of all the rest to the finish line. So off they went to collect their winnings. Then came the problem of how they were going to split the money.

While thinking, the first man says, "Mine was 6 inches so I should get 60%". Thinking along the same line, the second man says "Mine was 4 inches so I should get 40%". Now the third guy thinks about this for a while and finally says, "I should get it all".

The other two look at each other and asked "Why?", to which the third man looks at the first man and says, "If I had not carried around a stiff erection all this afternoon looking up your wife's skirt every time she sat down, it would only have been 1 inch, in which case you would have bet on number 11 and lost everything".

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