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Three guys go duck hunting and they each get one, but when they get back to the truck it is out of gas. So they decide to split up and sell their ducks for gas money. One guy walks up to this house and knocks on the door, the most beautiful woman he has ever seen answers the door. He explains his predicament to her and after a moment of consideration she says, "I'll fuck you for the duck".

Well this ol' boy doesn't need to be asked twice, so they head off to the bedroom. After they finish he gets to thinking about his friends and feels guilty. So he tells the lady that the sex was wonderful but he has to have the duck for gas money. She replies with, "fuck me for the duck". So they go at it once more.

After the second time he is laying in her bed smoking a cigarette and he looks over at the clock and he is supposed to be at the gas station (with money) in ten minutes. So he jumps up and starts running out the door pulling on his clothes and apologizing to the woman. He is halfway across the road when he drops the duck, and this truck comes out of nowhere and obliterates the duck.

The driver of the rig jumps out looks at the mangled duck tells the man he's sorry for killing his duck and hands him a 50 dollar bill.

The guy gets to the gas station and asks his first friend how much he got for his duck, the man replies $12. So he asks the second guy how much he got for his duck, the man says $15. Then they ask him how much he got for his duck.

Our friend replys: "I got a fuck for a duck, a duck for a fuck and fifty bucks for a fucked-up duck"

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