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A Redneck Kind of Love

We have a love that's meant to be,
Ma says that what's called destiny!
Oh, I've dated fellers, purdy near a few;
But they can't hold a lit up matchstick to you.
I'd always dreamed I'd love a sailor,
Then I saw you outside my trailer!
In your John Deere cap and overalls,
I knew for sure in love I'd fall.
You smiled and I stared in disbelief,
I like a man with no front teeth!
Some lovers ask for the sun and moon,
But all you want is pa's spittoon.
Your love is true, strong as a rock,
Kinda like your pickup that sits on blocks.
So just let them gossip bees keep buzzin';
Yep, you and me are kissin' cousins!

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