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Clean Religious Jokes

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The Pope was having a state visit with the Queen of England, when they decided they should make an appearance together. They came out onto the balcony of Windsdor Castle, and stood there for the crowd to cheer and take pictures. The Queen decided to have a bit of fun at the Pope's expense, and said to him, "Watch this. With one wave of my hand, I can make every Englishman cheer for five full minutes."

She does so, and the Englishmen predictably applaud madly. Not to be outdone, the Pope says to the Queen, "Very impressive. Now, watch me. With a nod of my head, I can make every Irishman in the crowd cheer fot TEN minutes straight."

The Queen figures the Pope's just made an impossible offer, so she agrees to give him his chance.

He stands, faces the crowd and head-butts the Queen.

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