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Two redneck boys go into a new car showroom in L.A. to buy a car. The salesman asks them how much they want spend.

They tell him about $400. He says the only thing he has at that price is a trade-in he took that morning from a sheik who bought a very expensive car.

It's a camel "very well trained for the city. It stops at red lights and goes at green lights. Very well trained".

Later that day, the salesman is driving down the boulevard and sees the 2 guys sitting at the curb. He pulls over and asks them what happened.

They tell him that everything was going real well "stops at red, goes at green" until they stopped for a red light and a convertible pulled up beside them with 2 really goodlooking girls in it.

One of the girls said to the other "look at the 2 assholes on that camel". "We got off and went around back to look at it and then the light turned green and the camel walked off"

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