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Jack rings Abe and says "I've got 10,000 pairs of trousers I can let you have for a pound each".

Abe does the deal and then rings Harry "Harry, I've got a wonderful deal for you. 10,000 pairs of trousers, to you £2 a piece"

Harry jumps at the deal and then rings Melvyn. "Melvy boy its your lucky day,10,000 pairs of trousers, because its you I'll do them for £3 the pair"

Melvyn thinks a minute and says "Sounds good, can I come and see them?"

"Sure" says Harry.

Melvyn arrives at Harry's warehouse. "So where are the trousers?" Harry shows him the boxes. He opens one and pulls out a few pairs and examines them. Then he turns to Harry and says "But these have only got one leg!".

Harry snorts and says "You schmuck, they're not for wearing they're for selling!"

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