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One Sunday evening the Amish community had gathered together for a special meeting with a visiting preacher.

The meeting went well and the singing was grand. When it came time to dismiss, the Bishop asked Brother Caleb Troyer to dismiss the group in prayer. Brother Caleb started praying, and as he did tender words fell from his lips. With trembling he besought God's mercy.

Soon folk were going to the alter, praying, sobbing and many new dedications were made. In fact, the meeting broke out in a new spirit and continued on for another two hours.

That evening on the way home, Brother Josh Mast turned to his wife riding alongside him in their buggy. Josh said,"You know Martha, I have known Caleb Troyer many years. And Brother Caleb Troyer is a fine man, a hard worker, a good father and a good neighbor. I know Brother Caleb Troyer reads his Bible daily and prayers regular. Yep, Brother Caleb is a fine man, but he sure ain't no hand to dismiss a meeting.

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