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On a little propeller driven, island hopper airline in the South Pacific, a man is surprised to find he is sitting next to a large parrot. More surprising is how the flight attendant jumps when the parrot screeches.

"Hey toots, bring me a water with a celery stick. Awwwwk!" The flight attendant looks annoyed but heads for the drink cart. When the attendant doesn't seem to be moving fast enough for the parrot, he screeches again.

"Awwwk! Hey bitch, where's my water and celery stick?" The attendant, flustered and red faced, brings the parrot his drink. The man decides to join in on the fun.

"Hey bitch, bring me a scotch and soda!" The harried flight attendant apparently has enough and when she comes back its with the burly co pilot and a rather large male flight attendant. They hustle the parrot and the man to rear of the plane, drop the rear ramp and boot them both out about a thousand feet over the water.

As they fall, the parrot looks at the man and screeches, "Awwwk, for someone who can't fly, mister, you've got a lotta balls!"

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